Data Engineer

About The Role:

We are in search of a highly motivated Data Engineer who is enthused by the prospect of creating distributed systems that can support applications that utilize cutting-edge machine learning technology. As a Data Engineer, you will be responsible for creating, developing and operating systems that effectively secure, prepare and handle data for the innovative AI solutions that X AI is constructing.

  • Developing a plan to create data pipelines for projects; constructing components of the pipelines; and testing them to ensure they are operational and effective.

  • Constructing data systems and frameworks that will optimize the performance of Artificial Intelligence projects.

  • Working together with research, engineering, and business teams to create and fulfill their data requirements.

Job Requirements:

  • Possessing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a comparable field is desired. In addition, having a master’s or PhD in a Data Systems discipline is a plus.

  • Having had three or more years of software development experience in an environment that requires high accountability and minimal oversight.

  • Experience in acquiring, storing, modelling, and processing data requirements for ML systems, as well as deploying them in production systems.

  • A thorough knowledge of query optimization and the most up-to-date data stack technologies such as Flink, dbt, spark, SQL engines, Parquet/Arrow, etc. is required.

  • Extensive expertise crafting efficient code in Python 3.x to create modular, robust, and scalable software.

  • Strong communication skills and a collaborative attitude.

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